How to get a Bitcoin wallet?

How to get a Bitcoin wallet? If you want to get a Bitcoin wallet for your bitcoin casino slots, you are at the right place. Here we will show you how to get it easily with some simple steps.

What is a Bitcoins wallet?

A Bitcoin wallet is the same as a digital wallet. The only difference is that a Bitcoin wallet must be compatible with Bitcoins to be able to carry out transactions with this currency.

If you check the web, you will notice that there is a wide variety of digital wallets, and they all have the same purpose. They manage cryptocurrencies in the simplest possible way.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet?

However, not all virtual wallets are compatible with all cryptocurrencies.

It is important that when you open a digital wallet, you make sure that it is compatible with the currency you want to store and manage. Otherwise, it will not be useful.

It’s obvious that if you want to create a Bitcoin wallet, you want to make transactions in that currency. You should know that the creation of a Bitcoin wallet is what will allow you to make the most of your cryptocurrency.

Not only will it help you store it and carry out transactions with it, but you will also be able to take advantage of the large number of advantages it has in relation to any bank account.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet?
Get a Bitcoin wallet

How to create a Bitcoins wallet online?

Creating an online Bitcoin wallet is an extremely simple process that only requires 4 steps that will be explained below.

You must remember that to create a Bitcoin wallet you must take into account the 6 types of wallets that exist. Of course, when creating a wallet, the procedure will depend on the type of wallet you want to open.

There are programs for any type of virtual portfolio. They all have a particular way of operating, some being more complicated than others.

The following is an explanation of the step by step process on how to create your Bitcoin wallet online. We will also mention some of the most common platforms that will help you do it.

How to create your Bitcoin wallet in 4 simple steps?

1. Choose the platform

There are many platforms on the web that you can use to create your online wallets. However, there are some that stand out for their security measures, the design of their interface and other factors.

To give you an idea, we are going to mention 2 of the many platforms you can choose from.

Coinbase is an online cryptocurrency exchange. Through its platform, you can acquire, store, send and receive Bitcoins to then dispose of them without a problem.

LocalBitcoins for its part is a platform that specializes in people who are starting in the field of cryptocurrencies. The advantage of this page is that it is available to all Latin American countries.

This platform works as a market in which digital currency sellers make announcements about the Bitcoins they have available for sale.

Buyers only look for the offers in the ads and make the purchase with the seller that meets their needs.

2. Make the registration on the website

Each platform has its website, so once you choose one, you must first register and then make a deposit. To do it, you just have to enter the platform’s website and click on the registration option.

We recommend that you register with one of the platforms that we mentioned in step 1 since they are the simplest and most secure pages out there.

To register, you only have to enter your name, surname, email, a password and its confirmation (preferably containing a combination of numbers, letters, and signs). You must also accept the terms and conditions and click on the “register” option.

Once you have completed this step, you only have to enter your email. There you will have a confirmation email that you must open to complete the opening.

How to get a Bitcoin wallet?
Bitcoin wallet

3. Get your Bitcoin address

If you did step 1 well, you already have your active digital wallet. Now you have to create the address of your Bitcoin wallet.

The same digital wallet can serve you to store different cryptocurrencies. But although in theory they are all in the same place, each type of digital currency will have its own address, a code that other people must have to make movements to your wallet. It fulfills the same function as the account number in a bank.

Getting your Bitcoin address is pretty straightforward. You just have to enter your virtual wallet with your email and password.

Once you have the wallet open, click on the “Accounts” tab (the name of the tab may change slightly depending on the platform you have chosen).

Then enter the option “BTC Wallet” and click “Generate Bitcoin address”.

After following these steps, an image will appear with a long code. Simply copy the code, that will be your Bitcoin address and with this, you can receive your cryptocurrencies.

4. Secure your Bitcoin wallet

To make your wallet even more secure, in Settings you have the option to affiliate your cell number to your virtual wallet.

To that purpose, first enter your phone number. Then, wait for a text message with a special code to arrive. Finally, enter this code for confirmation.

The advantage of this step is that every time you log in to your wallet, the same page can notify you via SMS. In this way, you can count on each of the system’s security methods.