Things you can buy with Bitcoin

Although the Bitcoin is commonly seen as a speculative instrument, it was actually designed as a a decentralized payment method. It doesn’t have the same level of penetration as fiat currencies when it comes to everyday spending. However, there are already a surprising number of places where you can pay for your purchases with Bitcoin. So, we’ve decided to prepare a list of the most common things you can buy with Bitcoin. You can use Bitcoin in these sectors: Food and Drink, Travel and Tourism, Gaming and Fun and Shopping.

Food and Drinks you can buy with Bitcoin

Bitcoin and food
Eat with Bitcoin

Pizzaforcoins is a California-based service that allows you to buy pizzas from major pizza chains such as Papa John’s, Pizza Hut and more, using yours Bitcoins. How the platform works is that it lets you enter your location, and shows available pizza places in your neighbourhood. Once you select and place the order, it is relayed to the respective restaurant once you make the payment in BTC. You can either have the pizza delivered to you or pick it up from the location. Pizza Hut offers Bitcoin payment in Venezuela as well.

If you aren’t based in the USA, then you can give a go. It is a German food delivery service with over 11,000 restaurants under its belt. The portal recently added payments via Bitcoins. It uses Bitpay to process its transactions, hence allowing you to pay for your food in either Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash.

Another Russian food delivery service added a crypto payment option to its checkout options. It is partnered with over 90 restaurants. Before the option was added though, none of them individually supported cryptos. So, that’s a big step in the right direction for food lovers and crypto enthusiasts alike.

Travel and Tourism

Travel with Bitcoin
Travel with Bitcoin

The coronavirus pandemic has put a hold on most people’s vacation plans. However, holiday destinations around the world are now beginning to open up. That means it’s now the perfect time to book your next vacation, while flight tickets and hotel rooms are still selling for cheap.

Travala is a platform that makes it possible to do just that. Through Travala, you can book hotels in over 2 million destinations worldwide and flights from over 600 different airlines. And you can do it all by using Bitcoin and a variety of other cryptos as a payment method.

Booking flights and hotels with cryptos tends to be a bit more expensive than paying with a credit card on most platforms. However, Travala does provide a best-price guarantee, meaning it will match or beat any competitor’s price for the same offer.

Also, Expedia, one of the largest travel booking agencies can now accept bitcoin as a form of payment for online hotel bookings you may make through their website. Their payment channel is powered by Coinbase and accepts Bitcoins at the moment.

Furthermore, companies like CheapAir, accept airline bookings through bitcoins as well. They started out as the early adopters of Crypto and putting it to use for realistic purchases for its users.

Gaming and Fun

Buy games with Bitcoin
Buy games with Bitcoin

Other things you can buy with Bitcoin include video games and movies. Microsoft’s Xbox store and Windows Store allows you to purchase games, movies and more using Bitcoins as a mode of payment. You can load the bitcoin into your Microsoft account and use it as a payment method whenever you are checking out. However, a small drawback is that you cannot refund the bitcoins you deposit. So you need to be mindful of the amount you load into your Microsoft account.

You can also buy games and redeemable gift cards from various platforms such as Coinmall and Zynga. These platforms allow you to pay for your game purchases using Bitcoin as money.


Go shopping with Bitcoin
Go shopping with Bitcoin

As the Bitcoin and other digital currencies are becoming more and more popular, a lot of stores have added crypto payment options to their websites.

Platforms like Gyft and BitPlaza allow you to buy just about anything from personal accessories to groceries and gift cards with Bitcoins on your checkout.

Reed Jewelers, a renowned name in the American jewelry and accessories industry, has stores in over 13 states along with an online presence. In both physical and online stores, Reeds accepts bitcoin as a form of payment. You can purchase watches, jewelry, diamonds and more. is one of the biggest retailers who’ll let you pay with Bitcoin. It has a vast choice of products from home decor to pet supplies, kitchen appliances and make-up.

You can use Bitcoin for all the things you can buy with PayPal. PayPal recently rolled out the ability for US account holders to buy Bitcoin and other cryptos and hold them within the site. And from 2021, those users will also be able to spend crypto to buy things from the 28 million global merchants that accept PayPal at the moment.

Among the other things you can do with Bitcoin is: buy cars, planes, gold, artwork and donate to many charities.


The Bitcoin is finally becoming an accepted form of payment all around the world. We are one step closer to the mainstream adoption of digital currencies. For now, it is possible to use Bitcoins to buy groceries, accessories, food and things for fun.