Buying Bitcoins with cash deposit

Buying Bitcoins with cash deposit

Buying Bitcoins with cash deposit for bitcoin sports betting may not be the most convenient way to buy bitcoins like with the bank deposit, but it also has its advantages.

Let us explain how you can buy Bitcoin with Cash Deposit. Here we will use as an example on how to buy Bitcoins in Cash as it is one of the most reliable and popular platforms.

Buying Bitcoins with cash deposit
Buying Bitcoins with cash deposit

Buying Bitcoins with cash deposit

Firstly, you need to open an account at Secondly, look for options that offer cash deposit payment. Then, choose your seller from the multiple options you will find. To minimize the risks of scam, choose a seller with a good reputation score and a good number of transactions. After that, submit an exchange request.

By clicking the Buy button from the seller you have selected, you will see more information about the ad, including the terms of the transaction. Please read them before submitting the purchase request.

If you don’t agree with them, you can go back to the previous page and choose another ad. If you agree with the terms proposed by the seller, write the amount you want to buy in the blue box to carry out the operation. Write a message to the seller and click the Send exchange request button to start the process.

And finally, complete the purchase. When you have made the payment according to the agreed conditions, click on the I have paid button.

Once the seller has verified that the payment has been received, your bitcoins will be released from the LocalBitcoins escrow and they will be immediately available in your LocalBitcoins wallet.

Why buy bitcoins in cash?

There are two main reasons to opt for buying bitcoins in cash. The first is privacy, because it is not necessary to go through the annoying verification processes of the main online exchange houses. 

The second is speed. If it is your first purchase, you do not have to wait for the registration and identity verification process to finish or wait for the money from a transfer payment to arrive, etc.


If you are enthusiastic about bitcoin sports betting, find your most convenient way of buying Bitcoins that suits your needs and delve into the world of online bitcoin sports betting.